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You’ve Done Your Best to Learn the Piano… But It Just Isn’t Working.

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If you’ve tried other methods for learning the piano, you already know that most piano lessons don’t work.

Taking in-person lessons is great… but if your teacher isn’t a professional pianist, you’re limited from Day 1.

Taking lessons from books and youtube videos seems good…

Until you realize that those resources are made to help you play a few songs, or learn a few tricks, not turn you into the pianist you dream of becoming.

It’s time to discover the only strategy for real success:

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Don’t let a bad teacher limit you.

When you take piano lessons with most teachers, or dabble in free online tutorials, you get trapped.

You simply cannot reach the highest level of performance if your foundation is wrong.

That’s why we start by teaching you the highest level of piano technique, even when you’re a brand-new beginner.

By mastering the foundation from the very beginning, instead of wasting your time with silly songs that don’t add up to becoming a real musician, you can finally have limitless potential to how far you can develop your skill.

Hi. I’m Chetan Tierra.

As a Yamaha Artist and one of the founders of the San Diego Piano Academy and Masterful Musician, I’m sorry to say that you’ve probably been tricked.

Most people believe it takes 10 years (or 10,000 hours) to master an instrument.

The truth is that mastery is not about time.

It’s about how you spend that time!

Our process for teaching students has been proven effective for over 20 years.

Our students have gone on to be professional musicians, concert pianists, and top performers at the most competitive music schools in the world.

That’s because we give you the tools and practice strategies you need to develop a flawless foundation - without us.

Yes, we actually make ourselves obsolete by allowing you to become your own coach and teacher.

And with that power, you can quickly reach a level of expertise that most students don’t reach for years or even decades, if ever.

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Most piano courses are designed to teach you a few songs.

And while it’s fun to learn a couple easy songs, no one dreams of becoming an expert at “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

I know that you dream of something bigger:

To be a world-class musician and an incredible pianist.

Masterful Musician gives you the comprehensive foundation you need for real, long-term success and mastery over the piano and music in general.

It’s time to stop being limited.

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We’re internationally recognized pianists and professional musicians with busy schedules.

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Masterful Musician is a massive course that systematically takes anyone through 5 levels of piano training, designed to get you all the way to a flawless, high, intermediate level.

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You’ll Never Get This from a YouTube Video.

There are some things a youtube video can’t give you:

A blueprint for success that comprehensively guides you to mastery, step by step, from professional pianists.

Rapid learning through our efficient approach. (3-4 times faster).

Private Community - with personalized feedback.

Guaranteed improvements and success.

Masterful Musician is truly built for students like you -- people who are ready to be challenged and become a high-level pianist.

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I’m Not Going to Lie To You…

Becoming a masterful musician takes work.

There’s no “one simple trick” that’s going to turn you into a world-class pianist.

You must be willing to put in the work if you want to achieve your goal of mastering the piano…

But if you can promise me that you’ll give it your best shot, I promise you - this system WILL work!

And not only that, but you’ll progress about 4x faster than the typical piano student.

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See What Our Students Have to Say.

"Thank you. You honestly have transformed our lives. In a good way. The love, dedication, appreciation of learning and enjoying this musical instrument is so profound… To tell you the truth, public school education leaves a lot to be desired. I feel so much better as a parent having piano, not just as an enrichment, but something we work on developing everyday. I am committed to doing my best, and it’s truly a privilege. Again, thank you for your guidance." - Jenna

"You guys are fantastic! Working with you and Melissa for all these years has been a total blessing to our family. It has really helped Brian grow into a fantastic musician and given him inspiration and opportunities that we never imagined he would have." - Melissa Jacobs

Prior to finding Melissa, my daughter had taken lessons from two other teachers over a 3 year period. During that period, my daughter's progress was slow, and practice sessions were always a dreaded chore. After taking a break from lessons for almost a year, Melissa was recommended to us by a friend. Within the first two weeks of beginning lessons with Melissa, my daughter began 'voluntarily' practicing throughout the day. - Karen

Mr. Tierra’s passion and dedication to music inspires my son and makes him want to practice even it is not easy to find enough time for practice (my son is a high school student). Mr. Tierra helps my son to develop a strong work ethic, attention to details, and practice diligently everyday (that helps him get better with minimal frustration). - Olga J.

“I am so delighted to have you as my music wizard/guru/teacher. My devious plan was to whiz through level 1 before scheduling a consultation with you. With 4 total years of instruction by college music majors, it should all be review, right? Did anyone ever show me how to sit at the piano? No. Hold my wrists? No. Position my fingers correctly? Did anyone ever take a simple piece and insist on correct articulations for every note? NO. What the hell was I paying for? I'm so excited that I'm finally going to learn how this all works.” - Marty

Learn From Internationally Acclaimed Pianists



CHETAN TIERRA, a Yamaha Artist, pianist, and composer has delighted audiences across the globe in recital, as soloist with orchestra, and on radio and TV. He has performed on some of the world’s most renowned concert stages after making strong and winning appearances in the most rigorous and prestigious international piano competitions such as Queen Elisabeth, Van Cliburn, Jose Iturbi, Hilton Head, New Orleans, Unisa, and Seoul. The NY Concert Review praised his 2006 Carnegie Hall debut as “magnificent”, and his charismatic persona and emotional style have led to many praises from audiences and critics alike. “Tierra held piano lovers on the edge of their seats.” says Chris Waddington from the Times-Picaynne in New Orleans. “Pianist Chetan Tierra, Magic and Mastery!” says Lyn Bronson from the Peninsula Reviews. Chetan Tierra comes from a long line of world-class pedigree, having studied with some of the most predominant pianists of today.

MELISSA EVANS TIERRA is an active pianist in a variety of musical outlets. She currently is a soloist, duo artist, collaborative artist, and composer. She received her BM degree from Baylor University and her MM degree from The Cleveland Institute of Music, studying with Cliburn winning pianist, Antonio Pompa-Baldi. She also received a Postgraduate Diploma from the Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium in Antwerp, Belgium. Ms. Evans has performed recitals in Austria, Italy, Belgium, and Israel and has been highly praised for her interpretation of modern music, frequently premiering new works on her recitals. She has studied with many other notable teachers including Jerome Rose and Kum Sing Lee and worked closely with composer, Lowell Liebermann. Melissa is also in high demand for her collaborative skills, having worked with singers from the Metropolitan Opera as well as many virtuoso flutists.

Here Are A Few FAQ We Get Asked A Lot:

You are 100% in control of your results. Some students will practice seriously and see their playing improve almost instantly. Other people will skip through a few videos, play the same old songs, and never really get anywhere. It’s up to you!

But if you’re serious about improving and learning the proper foundation for real mastery, you will experience a rapid improvement in your ability.

How fast will I see results?

Yes - with one condition. You must follow the lessons and perform the exercises! These are the techniques used by every great pianist, past or present. Simply put, it is impossible for you to complete the lessons and practice correctly and not see growth.

Is it guaranteed?

Immediately. We get you started with music right away in Lesson 1. In each lesson you will work on music, technique, note reading/sight reading, and music theory.

How soon can I expect to be able to play a song?

This course is best for someone who is just starting piano, has recently started but is stuck, or someone who wants to learn piano the right way from the beginning.

Even if you’ve had training in the past, unless your teacher was a high-level master, it’s very likely that you were taught the wrong techniques and will need to revisit them to accelerate your learning.

This course is best for ages 10+. Younger children could successfully complete this course but would need help from a parent to make sure they are doing things properly as shown in the videos.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Someone looking for quick tricks. This course is about mastery of the piano, and you will learn all the foundational elements to truly be a pianist. While this course teaches you many ways to save time and move forward faster, you can’t leave out key pieces of learning to play well.
  • Advanced or intermediate pianists.
  • Children younger than 6 will not have yet developed the proper coordinations or be able to fully understand the concepts. A child from 6-10 will need a very hands-on parent to help.
  • Someone who thinks everything should be free. The content here took years to create and learn, and countless hours to build. Of course, if you want a free lesson from someone who will effectively sabotage your piano career, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there from very kind amateurs.

You can work at your own pace. Each level should take anywhere from 2-6 months to complete. That depends on how much practicing time you put in and how diligent you are about following the method that we teach.

How long will it take me to complete your course?

As long as you are subscribed.

How long will I have access to the course?

The real question is: do you care how well you play your instrument? Music lessons from advanced professionals run $180+ per hr., and you would just be working each week on what could be covered in that time. Plus, you spend a lot of time going back with your teacher and reviewing if you didn’t practice enough that week or remember what you’ve previously learned. With our course, you have all the information to work as fast as you want, move forward when you are ready, and all the information at your fingertips to review as many times as you need without paying us hourly for our time!

I don’t have a lot of money. Is it worth the investment?

This course is designed so you can go at your own pace, which makes it easier to fit into a busy schedule. We give you a very thorough lesson plan as well to help you know how much time you should budget to achieve all the components of each lesson.

I have a busy life. Will I have time to take this course?

We accept all major credit cards.

What payment methods can I use?

Everything you get today:

The entire 5 Level piano course that includes 6-14 comprehensive lessons per level. That's about 2-5 years of professional piano training

A blueprint for success that comprehensively guides you to mastery step by step, from professional pianists.

Rapid learning through our efficient approach (3-4 times faster).

Guaranteed growth and success

Lessons on technique, sight-reading, theory, note reading, ear training, practicing, performance and more!

Normal Price: $69.95/m

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